Saturday, November 3, 2007

Autumn in LA

So it is fall now. The clocks fall back one hour tonight. And if you're like me, your thoughts also fall back to unresolved New Years resolutions. What haven't we completed or even begun on our list? Two months are left of 2007 and we'll be on to the next year with new or rolled-over resolutions from the previous year. In January, I posted a condensed list of resolves on a small piece of paper that I taped to the front of my computer. It has been and is a daily reminder of all my hopes to accomplish in 2007.

I have done my best but fell short of completing only three of the 10. These will definitely show up on next years list:
DOUBLE SAVINGS. (fell short by xK).
CLEAR MIND (I'm not even sure how to accomplish this but it sounds good).
CLEAR SKIN (found a facialist, so I'm on the right track).
EXERCISE MORE (isn't this always the goal).

New goals in 2008 would be:


Lunatic E'sex said...

You need some lovin' in your blog! *chuckle* You've just one, anonymous comment, from almost a month ago...

I've got so many things "in progress" or unfinished in my life that I just can't stress about them. Never been one for new year's resolutions, when I just know the majority won't get done. I figure two things: 1) Needs and priorities change over time, and 2) If it's *really* important enough it'll move to the head of the queue. In the meantime I make plenty of more short-term to-do lists, and don't even expect to necessarily get everything on those done. Funny thing, though: I keep all those lists, and have had them since high school. The ones over the past 11 years or so have been constantly accessible, since they've been electronic, and when I look at them eventually most of the items do get checked off, one way or another. I mean, either they get done, or it becomes a moot point.

There's this organization style or discipline called Getting Things Done, or GTD. I saw a presentation about it once, almost two years ago. It's all about continually moving to-do things over from the previous day, first thing in the morning. So "not my style." The mechanics of moving things over from day to day would eventually consume my entire day. Works for some people, though.

In a related way, many years ago I had the idea of creating a chart and putting it on my wall, of skills and things I could do/be, and wanted to grow in, for the future. There'd be a range for everything, going from "absolute beginner" through "novice" to "journeyman," "experienced" (or "adept," or something like that), and finally "master." I figured for the majority of things I had knowledge of I'd rank myself as "journeyman." There's practically nothing I think I'd rank myself as "master" at. I recognize there are people I know who'd probably rank me as a "master" in one area or another, which I wouldn't consider to be where my rank is, myself. I recognized that for most things I'm just going to continue to consider myself a "journeyman," always learning and moving towards greater understanding. And that's ok, because I don't ever want to *stop* learning and growing, and/or ever think that I know all there is to know about something (even myself).

So in the same way I know I can't worry too much about the things that aren't yet done. It's like knowing there's always going to be more track laid out in front of your locomotive. To stretch and continue that, one can imagine how there are always going to be branches ahead. If there's a particular destination you're aiming for, there's probably more than one way to get there. Hopefully it's not an "end of the line," either, but someplace that leads on to further destinations. And maybe you find yourself in a different destination than what you were aiming for, but it's equally good, and leads on further to places you like.

Anyway, just some thoughts on goals, and getting things resolved or not resolved.

-= Lunatic

QT said...

Thanx for the love!
I am a chronic list maker...but I haven't kept them since highschool!!! Wow that's impressive. I 'm a journaler, so chances are some of the lists got into the notebooks....