Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What makes a building Worth Preserving?

The James Rose Center in Ridgewood NJ

Instead of asking, What makes a building or cultural landscape Historic? We should be asking What makes it Worth preserving? This is a much more important question to ask when faced with the future of the built environment. Owners, Builders, Planners and Architects should consider the key elements of a good project.... What makes it lasting? What does it give back to the community and the society as a whole? Is it beautiful? Is it well-built? I have compiled a list of key ingredients to a project worth preserving, whether it has already been built or not.
  • Adds character to our towns and cities.
  • Enriches our lives.
  • Stirs the soul
  • Make our communities more interesting.
  • Embodiment of the designer’s creative ideals and innovations.
  • Unique.
  • Represent a turning point, a moment in time when our view of the world was changed forever.
  • Represent the vision and passion of the architect or owner.
  • Inspirational
  • A beautiful work of art, exquisite detail and composition
  • Will be important to future
  • Timeless/ classic – Withstands test of time
  • Sense of place and community
  • Not disposable
  • Adaptable for future use
  • Inspires intense feeling
  • Safe and secure
  • Endurance on more than one level - cultural, economic, esthetic
What do you think is worth preserving?

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