Monday, December 10, 2007

Andrew Bird - Episode # 01 - Imitosis

8:00pm December 7, 2007, Friday night venue at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, I experienced an Awesome show by an Incredible, Phenomenal, Intense, Electric, Talented beyond words Performer, Instrumentalist, Vocalist and Whistler named the one and only Andrew Bird.

Bar none, IT was the BEST performance I've seen all year, perhaps this decade!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry John Doe, I love you too, but Bird blew you away!)


baxie said...

Bird is awesome, and much better live.

There are some really excellent live sets at

QT said...

What was even more awesome, was that my friend and I had the worst tickets in the house- Balcony backrow, we managed to grab second row, center seats, without getting kicked out by the usher! We went from the worse to the Best! It was a Serendipitous evening.