Thursday, December 6, 2007

Arthur Phillip's Prague

I finished reading Prague by Arthur Phillips last weekend. It took me three days after reading the last chapter to get the book's basic premise.

I enjoyed the characters and their deep, inner twined stories. It wasn't until a few days later as I was pondering the book (missing the characters because the book ended) that I had an AHA!

It isn't about WHERE you are. It is HOW you choose to experience and LIVE in the present, no matter the locale.

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Anonymous said...

Sunflowers in Prague

I liked reading -
that part in your letter
when mentioned how you would
never want to own anything extravagant.

That you would rather use the money
to run through a field of Sunflowers
in Prague again.

Which sounded so sincere
I thought of it all night -

as i layed in bed with a cold
as I walked around the house

in a blanket
unable to sleep

looking like an eskimo
and considering myself
every bit the polar explorer

as i made my way
back from the fridge.

Only stopping
in the living room
to turn the standing globe.

while looking for prague -
placing the sun drenched field
and the tall flowers in bloom

where you would be
running a hillside unaware
of the bleary eyed boy
with his red nose
contently admiring
you from space.

- Juan Israel Espaniol