Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cheese!!! It's not just for Breakfast anymore...

My Doctor called me today with my Blood test results from last Friday. Good news overall. Cholesterol is good, Triglycerides and Iron levels are okay but one thing that surfaced was a low Vitamin B12 Count. Mine is 348 and 1100 is Normal.

Symptoms are fatigue, numbness and tingling in hands and legs, memory loss (hey that might explain a few things). She recommends a B12 vitamin supplement from Trader Joe's that melts under my tongue or a monthly B12 shot in the arm.

So after I hung up, I immediately googled B12 and found this out:

"Most people get more than enough B12 from eating meat, eggs, milk, and cheese."

This goes out to everyone who hasn't been or have been delaying in seeing their Doctor for their annual physical or signing up for Health Insurance for that matter. You know who you are! I hope I can be an inspiration. It's not that bad. You may even find out that you can eat more Cheese.

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